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Developer Baba is one the world’s best business growing firm. We help you move online and open up the new doors of opportunities across the globe.

Our Company

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward.

Developer Baba is an IT company which provide web-development and digital marketing solutions to customers owned by the IT individuals.

General Questions

We are a group of young entrepreneur who have years of experience in IT industry. We have served Big 4 Companies and wish to test our knowledge and experience in expanding the brands by providing a demographic platform of internet.

We provide a bunch of services to expand or start your online business. We also provide on demand software.

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Android App. Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Targeting
  • Poster & Banner Designing & more

We offer competitive pricing with a wide range of free benefits such as counselling, dashboard crash course, 6 months free support and 1 month of free digital marketing.

Our Numbers

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Creative Design
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Our Services

We offer a bundle of services from Web-development till advertising your brand online till customer crash course for understanding the dashboard and website functionality.


A website transmits your business profile around the world, permitting for enhanced exposure and sales, due to a wider demographic reach. A website can effectively attract the targeted audience you seek

Digital Marketing

The number of people connecting to the Internet or having an Internet connection is growing rapidly. digital marketing is that it enables communication between companies and consumers easily, 24 /7.​

Creative Design

Creative design is the first step towards good business results. A catchy poster, logo or business card will not only add professional touch to your business but also helps in Identity and Brand Recognition.

Customer Support

A happy customers lead to more money, growth, and sustainability. We prioritize our customers. We provide free 6 months customer support and assistance. Any 1 month free Facebook marketing for your brand. And much more.

Technology Stack

Technology in Business is Necessary for Expansion. Our unlimited Supply of Knowledge includes these and much more.


We would love to showcase our work in front of you All!


Make some time for things that matter.

Empower your business with the power of Internet.

Diverse Approach

We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track crawler access.

Professional Team

We work with a team of IT Specialists to deliver high end work within the time frame.

Expert Advice

Your chance to counsel from the digital marketing experts which help you build a market presence & attracts the right audience


Our prime motive is to satisfy our customer with our results.

Connect By Internet

A network of infinite opportunities

” We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”

Stephen Hawking
Theoretical physicist

Expert Team

Shubham Sharma

Co-Founder & Developer

Shivali Sharma

Co-Founder & Developer

Sahibzada Ali

Sahibzada Ali

Developer & Manager

Customer relations with
transparent communication ...

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